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European Union Research Guide: National Transposition Measures

National Transposition Measures

EU directives are implemented individually by Member States as part of their national law. These laws are referred to as National Transposition Measures (or National Implementing Legislation, National Execution Measures). Locating National Transposition Measures involves two steps:

  1. Finding citations to National Transposition Measures in EU documentation.
  2. Finding actual text of National Transposition Measures in the legislation of the particular nation.

Finding NTM Citations

Finding NTM Text

Finding the text of National Implementing Legislation is a two-step process in and of itself.

  1. Identify where Member nations collect their official laws and legislation (e.g., the name of the foreign official gazette).
  2. Identify whether these collections are in print in the Law Library, on an official government webpage, or available elsewhere.

Identifying Legislative Sources by Name

Check the following sources for titles of collections of national laws and legislation for Member countries.

Locating Legislative Sources

The EU has developed N-Lex as a single portal to all Member nation's implementing legislation. It is still in its experimental stages, so not every Member's links work.

Consult the Law Library Catalog to determine if we hold the source in print or electronically.

Another resource for finding a nation's official legislative webpage is the Law Library's E-Resources page.

For more information about researching foreign law, see this Foreign, Comparative, and International Law research guide: