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European Union Research Guide: Periodicals

Finding Journal Articles in the Library Catalog

Remember to Search for the Name of the Journal, not the Name of the Article

  • ‚ÄčIndividual articles do not have their own record in library catalogs. This means that when you are looking for an article in the MLaw Catalog, you need to figure out the journal in which it was published and search for that title.
  • If you do not know the title of the journal publication, you may want to find the citation information for the article by consulting a periodical index.

Periodical Resources

Below is a list of major European Union journals. An easy way to find others, using the Law Library catalog, is to do a subject search for: Law -- European Union countries -- Periodicals

Locate Articles According to the Author or Subject Using a Periodical Index

  • Periodical Indexes can be searched by subject or by author.
  • A Periodical Index will include citation information for articles, including article title, author, journal title, volume and issue, date, pages, and additional information.
  • Some Periodical Indexes contain the full-text of the articles themselves, but many are simply collections of citations.
    • Once you have the citation information for the article, you can search for the journal title in a catalog.
    • If the journal title is in the catalog, be sure to check whether the right volume and issue numbers are present in the collection.