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European Union Research Guide: Legislative Documents

Legislative Documents

On this page you will find information about Commission Documents, Parliamentary Documents, Documents of the Council of the European Union, and Documents of the Economic and Social Committee.

General Sources


The European Union publishes EU law and other public documents freely online at EUR-Lex. The FAQ page on EUR-Lex explains the distinctions among and citation styles of various official documents.

Westlaw and Lexis Advance

MLaw students can access EU legislation through Westlaw and Lexis Advance.

Specific EU Documents

About Commission Documents (aka "COM Docs")

COM docs are working documents of the Commission, including proposed legislation, broad policy documents, or reports on policy implementation. Some COM docs are called "white papers" or "green papers." COM docs can be useful for determining legislative intent.

 Format of COM doc Citations  Explanation
COM (82) 192 COM [committee initials] (82) [year] 192 [consecutive number]


Finding COM Docs

Very little working documentation is published by the Council of the European Union (sometimes referred to as the Council of Ministers). The Council should not be confused with the European Council, which is a meeting of the Heads of State of Government of the Member States with the President of the European Union. 

This Committee publishes its opinions and other communications.