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Law Library Services for Journals: Printers & Copiers

Printers and Copiers Available for Journal Use

A variety of networked printers and copiers are available for Journal use. Please remember to print all journal-related materials to Journal printers. Anything printed to Law School student printers will be deducted from your individual Law School print quota. Please note that to print from your laptop you must be connected to the MWireless network. All journal printers are free for Journal work and should only be used for Journal work.

Xerox Printer/Scanner/Copier

The machines are all coded to require each journal's special copier code. This code has been provided to each Journal; contact your EIC or ME if you do not have your code. The printers are:​

  • MLR has a Xerox B8045 in their conference room, S-326. This machine can be printed to from laptops. Due to the location it is primarily used by MLR.
  • There is a Xerox B8045 outside the JLR EIC office, S-310B which is centrally accessible. It is usually used by JLR, MJG&L, and MJR&L.
  • There is a Xerox 5755 outside S-331. This machine is a copier only and cannot be printed to by laptop or from a Journal office computer.

Xerox machines require the use of the copier code for networked printing as well as general copy making. If you do not know the code for your Journal, consult with your supervising editors or contact Jessica Pasquale at 734-647-8713, or

Networked HP Printers

Each Journal except MJGL has at least 1 networked HP series 4000 or better printer located inside an office. (MJGL's office printer is not networked.) These printers can also be installed on student editor laptops.

Printer Setup Notes

Refer to this page for more information about installing printers for your Journal.

Printer Toner & Paper

If a shared Journal printer or an attached printer in your Journal office runs out of TONER, act according to the type of printer:

  • HP: Please submit a toner replacement request (on behalf of Pasquale, Jessica; Department: Student - Journal) and Law IT will replace the toner.
  • Xerox: Please submit a Law IT work request (on behalf of: hanesjl; entered by you; Room number: office or location of printer; phone: - ; subject: ATTN: toner needed) and Law IT will replace the toner.

If a shared Journal printer or an attached printer in your Journal office runs out of PAPER, you can retrieve more paper from the Distribution / Receiving Room on the 1st floor of the Legal Research Building (the room just in to the right when you come down the stairs from the Reading Room in to the Law Library).  The door is usually open 8-4, M-F, and you can feel free to walk in and take a ream or two from the gray shelves just to the left inside the door.