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Law Library Services for Journals: Printers & Copiers

Printers and Copiers Available for Journal Use

Journal Printers

Journal students can print to any Mcard-swipe enabled student Xerox printer​ (located in the Reading Room, LR1 Alcove, Lower Level Commons, Library Sub2, and Sub3).  You will need three journal-specific ​credentials; a shared username, password, and PIN.


  • Law-PrintM​LR​​
  • Law-PrintMJRL
  • ​​​Law-PrintMJIL
  • Law-PrintMTLR
  • Law-PrintMJLR
  • Law-PrintMJEAL
  • Law-PrintM​JGL
  • Law-PrintMBELR

For shared journal login passwords and PINs, contact your Journal's Managing Editor, or Jessica Pasquale (​).

Printer Setup Notes

Refer to the Journal Resources page for more information about printing with a Journal account.