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Law Library Services for Journals: Get This/Campus Libraries

Get This

Get This will pull books from the University Libraries for you to pick up!

After finding an item in the U-M Library Catalog Search that is available at one of the 27 University Libraries, you can select "Get This" from the record to have the item pulled and held for pick-up. If it is located at a distant campus library, you can also have the book delivered to the Hatcher Graduate Library which is across the street. 

Set Up a Journal Proxy Account

  1. You must first get a proxy card from the Hatcher North Circulation Desk. See "Campus Library Proxy Cards" to the right for more information. 
  2. Then you must create a "friend" account for the Journal through the University of Michigan. You will need a non-UM email address to do so (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). The email address you provide becomes your University Library Journal patron record username. You can select and change your password. 
  3. Email the Graduate Library Circulation staff ( when the friend account is set up, so Hatcher Circulation can connect your University Library Journal proxy card patron record and your Journal friend account. 

Troubleshooting a Journal Friend Account

  1. To update the editor name or email on the account, you can email the Graduate Library Circulation staff (
  2. If your account 'expires' or you have another problem, email email with the barcode found on the back of the proxy card to have the account reinstated and updated.

Returning Books

When you have finished using an item, you can return it to the Hatcher Graduate Library Circulation Desk, regardless of which campus library it is from. 

* The Law Library cannot be held responsible for overdue or lost books. Mind the due dates for items borrowed from the University Library system.

Electronic Items

If requesting an item from the University Library that is ELECTRONIC, this is the one time when you will need to use your personal UM library account.

Because the Journal "friend" account is not linked to a specific person, it cannot access electronic resources.

Requesting Scans from the University Library

Use the Journal Proxy Account to request scans of materials in the University Library. 

If you get an error message, try using a different browser to login to the account. (You will need to make sure you're not using a browser in which you're logged in to any University services through your personal account.)