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Law Library Services for Journals: Cite-Checking / Source-Gathering

Footnotes to Endnotes

To extract footnotes from a Word file for easier source-gathering / cite-checking.

  1. Save a copy of the file that you will use.
  2. Make sure the footnotes are actually formatted or styled as footnotes.  If they are not, this process will not work.
  3. Under the References tab > in the Footnotes/Endnotes section click the small arrow in the bottom right corner.


  1. In the pop up box, there will be a "convert" button that you can click to convert all footnotes to endnotes at once.   (If this button is greyed out, then the footnotes are not formatted for styled correctly as footnotes.)
  2. If you want to maintain 1,2,3... number formatting, before you click convert, select “Endnotes:” and set the endnote style in the pop up box. (the default is likely i, ii, iii…)


  1. Once you have set the Endnote style, change the radio button selection back to “Footnotes:” and click Convert.
  2. Another pop up box will appear asking you to verify that you want to convert all Footnotes to Endnotes. Click Ok. Close the Footnote and Endnote popup box.
  3. You should now see all of the Footnotes as Endnotes at the end of the document.

Once you have all the footnotes as endnotes at the end of the document, you can extract them from here by copying/pasting into another file and working from that. 

Chicago Manual of Syle

The Law Library has a school-wide subscription to the online version of the Chicago Manual of Style which may be useful to you during cite-checking.