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Guide for Journal EICs & MEs: Home

Branding & Logo Guidelines

The Law School Communications Office can work with you on marketing and promotional materials for symposia, etc.

Please be aware that all Journals must also adhere to the UM Office of Global Communications guidelines regarding University Logos and Trademarks, as well as the Guidelines specifically listed here for SSOs.

Computer or Printer Problems?

Submit a work request at:

Law IT Resources for Journals

Check out the Law IT page for Journals for info on Word Templates, Journal Printers, Remote access to the L drive.


  • Save all Journal-related working files to your Journal's Dropbox folder (and NOT to the desktop of your office computer) so that everyone can access files when needed. 
  • Please do not leave any files open on your Journal Office computers overnight, as this causes problems with the system backups that occur each night. 


Law Library Contacts

Kincaid Brown, Director        
Office: S-110E
Jessica Pasquale, Assistant Director
Office: S-130
Connie Swindle
Office: S-224

Questions to:

Christensen Contacts

Kyle Driver
Customer Svc. Rep.

Gayle Smith
Sales Manager

1st Page (aka Word) Formatting:

Contract Proof Preparation:

Sheridan Contact (MLR Only)

Account Manager
Katy Seibert
717-632-8448 x 8088