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Exam Preparation: Exam Preparation

So Many Tools in Your Toolbox

Preparing for exams is more than reviewing notes and rereading cases the week before a test. It's making sure you understand the material all semester long and challenging different parts of your brain to effectively comprehend and retain information.

The Law Library offers a wide variety of print and electronic materials to put you in the best position to ace your finals, whether they are multiple choice exams or take-home essays. Don't limit yourself to just one tool!

Review a Subject in Detail

Having a hard time getting your head around a concept?
Can’t remember why your professor said this case is important?

Commercial study aids, like the series Examples & Explanations, Nutshells, Hornbooks, Mastering, and Understanding, complement casebooks by explaining legal concepts, dissecting complicated theories, and providing illustrative examples. 

The Law Library provides access to commercial study aids on dozens of topics, both in print and online.

Get an Overview of an Entire Course

Not sure if your outline is complete?
Want to make sure you haven’t missed any key issues?

West Study Aids has several series with quick overviews of law courses, including Black Letter Outlines, Gilbert Law Summaries, and Short & Happy Guides
CALI’s subject outlines give you a bird’s eye view of your subject, and let you fill in the gaps in your knowledge with linked lessons.

Quiz Yourself

Memorizing hearsay exceptions? 
Puzzling over elements of a crime?

Law school exams are a labyrinth of rules and exceptions, standards of review and procedural snares. Instead of reading the rules over and over, make sure you really know them cold using CALI’s interactive quizzes. 

1L Bonus: West Study Aids also has Flash Cards for Torts and Contracts.

Take Full Practice Tests

How did your professor test previous classes? 
How much time does it actually take to write three essays?

There’s no substitute to replicating an exam scenario and practicing under pressure. 

The Law Library archives old exams by professors and by course, so you can test your recall in real time, get a feel for your professor’s exam style, and minimize the surprise when it really counts.

Looking for Study Guides?

Discussed in more detail on the Commercial Study Aids page, below is a direct link to a list of commercial study aids, organized by by course.

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