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Exam Preparation: Past Exams

Study for Current Exams Using Exams of Terms Past

There are two types of University of Michigan Law School exams available:

  • Exams that a professor has put on reserve for their class for the term. You can find these on the Reserve list for that course by searching the catalog by Professor or Course.
  • Exams that have been sent to the Library to be permanently available. These can also be found by searching in the catalog system by Professor or Course and will have the word "Exams" at the end of the Course name.

To view the electronic versions, Law Students will need to use their UMID number to log in.

Screenshot of the Law Library home page's catalog search. "Exams & Reserves by Course or Professor" is surrounded by a red box.

Note: For many classes, the first day's reading assignments are scanned and posted here at the beginning of each semester.

Search for Exams by Course Title

To find past exams for a course, conduct Course Name or Number Search in the Library catalog here:

Electronic copies of past exams are organized by Professor's name.

Search Tip:

  • When searching by course title, type the first few words of the course. Your results will show all the course titles that start with those words.
  • For example: A search for "constitutional" yields courses titled "Constitutional Equality," "Constitutional Law," "Constitutional Litigation," and "Constitutionalism in South Africa," among others.

Search for Exams by Professor

To find past exams from a certain Professor, conduct a Professor, Lecturer, or Instructor Name Search in the Library catalog here:

If a Professor has taught multiple courses, past exams from all that Professor's courses will be linked on that Professor's catalog record.

Search Tips:

  • When searching by Professor, type the last name of the professor.
  • To get fewer results, follow it with the first name.
  • If you don't know how to spell the complete last name, type the first few letters and select from the choices offered.

Note On Search Results
  • Any course title that ends in the word 'Exams' will contain only electronic copies of exams submitted by the professor for permanent retention in the library.
  • A course title that doesn't end in the word 'Exams' includes all material temporarily on reserve for a course, often including exams and model answers.