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A brief description describing some resources included in RIA Checkpoint.

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What Is RIA Checkpoint?

RIA Checkpoint is a full-text database of federal, state, and some internation tax materials. It contains full text laws and regulations as well as a number of important secondary tax research sources.

Use of RIA Checkpoint is limited to the University of Michigan Network.

How Do I Use RIA Checkpoint?

You can search one or more sections of RIA Checkpoint or you can browse individual areas and publications through RIA Checkpoint's heirarchical structure.

The default page when entering RIA Checkpoint is the search page. When searching, you can choose entire libraries or individual sections to search by clicking the appropriate check-boxes on the search page.

In order to browse the various libraries on RIA Checkpoint, you will need to choose "Table of Contents" in the upper right corner of the screen. When accessing the heirarchical table of contents you can show more or less detail by choosing the plus or minus signs as appropriate. You can also click on the hyperlink topics and titles to show more detail.

Guides and lessons using RIA Checkpoint are available under the "Training and Tips" tab at the top of the screen.

A subpart of RIA Checkpoint is Worldwide Tax Law which includes full-text English translations of foreign tax and commercial laws that are full-text searchable and can be limited by jurisdiction.  To get to this part of RIA Checkpoint choose "International" from the Practice Area drop-down menu on the left. Then click on the "RIA Tax and Commercial Law" link.

Secondary Sources on RIA Checkpoint

Individual secondary sources can be browsed through the hierarchical table of contents or can be searched with any other material on RIA Checkpoint.

Federal tax editorial materials available on RIA Checkpoint include:

  • Federal Tax Coordinator 2d
  • United States Tax Reporter
  • RIA Federal Tax Handbook
  • Cummings' Corporate Tax Insights

Full-text treatises available on RIA Checkpoint include:

  • Federal Income Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders (Bittker & Eustice)
  • Federal Taxation of Income, Estates, and Gifts (Bittker & Lokken)
  • Federal Taxation of Partnerships and Partners (McKee, Nelson & Whitmire)
  • Partnership Taxation (Willis, Pennell & Postlewaite)
  • U.S. International Taxation (Kuntz & Peroni)
  • U.S. Taxation of International Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures (Dolan)

Full-text journals available on RIA Checkpoint include:

  • Journal of Corporate Taxation continued by Corporate Taxation (from v. 18 (1991) forward)
  • Journal of Multistate Taxation and Incentives (from v. 1(1991) forward)
  • Journal of Taxation (from v. 74(1991) forward)
  • Taxation for Accountants continued by  Practical Tax Strategies (from v. 46 (1991) forward)

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