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Contemporary Practice of the United States Relating to International Law:  

A section of the American Journal of International Law, by Kristina Daugirdas and Julian Davis Mortenson (2014-2017)

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Am. J. Int'l L. Vol. 111 (2017)

Issue 4 (October) - Click for Full Text

• Congress Enacts Sanctions Legislation Targeting Russia

• United States and Qatar Sign Memorandum of Understanding over Terrorism Financing

• Trump Reverses Certain Steps Toward Normalizing Relations with Cuba

• United States Announces Plans to Withdraw from Paris Agreement on Climate Change

• President Trump Issues Trade-Related Executive Orders and Memoranda

• United States, Russia, and Jordan Sign Limited Ceasefire for Syria

• Trump Administration Recertifies Iranian Compliance with JCPOA Notwithstanding Increasing Concern with Iranian Behavior

Issue 3 (July) - Click for Full Text

• Trump Administration Takes Steps to Implement Bilateral Agreement with Australia Regarding Refugees

• Trump Administration Criticizes NATO Members for Failing to Meet Defense Spending Guideline; United States Joins Other NATO Members in Supporting Montenegro’s Membership in the Organization

• President Trump Issues Executive Orders Suspending Refugee Program and Barring Entry by Individuals from Specified Countries

• Trump Administration Maintains Nuclear Deal with Iran, Despite Persistent Skepticism

• United States Strikes Syrian Government Airbase in Response to Chemical Weapons Attacks by Syrian Forces; Two Additional Strikes on Syrian Government Forces Justified by Defense of Troops Rationale

• United States Alleges Russia Continues to Violate INF Treaty

Issue 2 (April) - Click for Full Text

• United States Abstains on Security Council Resolution Criticizing Israeli Settlements

• United States Sanctions Russian Individuals and Entities After Accusing Russian Government of Using Hacking to Interfere with U.S. Election Process; Congressional Committees and Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies Continue to Investigate President Trump’s Connections to Russian Officials

• Second Circuit Overturns $655 Million Jury Verdict Against Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority

• New Legislation Seeks to Confirm Immunity of Artwork and Facilitate Cultural Exchange

• United States Confronts China over Seizure of Unmanned Drone in the South China Sea

• International Criminal Court Prosecutor Recommends Investigation of Potential War Crimes in Afghanistan, Including Actions by U.S. Military and Central Intelligence Agency

• United States Strikes Houthi-Controlled Facilities in Yemen, Reaffirms Limited Support for Saudi-Led Coalition Notwithstanding Growing Concerns About Civilian Casualties

• United States Expands Military Operations in North Africa and Classifies al-Shabaab as a Force “Associated” with Al Qaeda

Issue 1 (January) - Click for Full Text

• Congress Overrides Obama’s Veto to Pass Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act

• U.S. Federal Court of Appeals Upholds United Nations’ Immunity in Case Related to Cholera in Haiti

• U.S.-Russian Agreements on Syria Break Down as the Syrian Conflict Continues

• Russia Suspends Bilateral Agreement with United States on Disposal of Weapons-Grade Plutonium

• The United States Makes Payment to Family of Italian Killed in CIA Air Strike

• United States Ratifies Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance

Am. J. Int'l L. Vol. 110 (2016)

Issue 4 (October) - Click for Full Text

• Iran and United States Continue to Implement Nuclear Deal, Although Disputes Persist

• United States Continues to Challenge Chinese Claims in South China Sea; Law of the Sea Tribunal Issues Award Against China in Philippines-China Arbitration

• U.S. Navy Report Concludes That Iran’s 2015 Capture of U.S. Sailors Violated International Law

• United States Justifies Its Use of Force in Libya Under International and National Law

• U.S. Drone Strike Kills Taliban Leader in Pakistan

• U.S. Government Releases Casualty Report, Executive Order, and Presidential Policy Guidance Related to Its Counterterrorism Strike Practices

• The Department of Defense Clarifies Legal Protections for Journalists in Updated Law of War Manual

• Federal Court of Claims Finds That Settlement Without Compensation of Foreign Nationals’ Claims Against Libya Does Not Violate Fifth Amendment

Issue 3 (July) -  Click for Full Text

• U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Law Facilitating Compensation for Victims of Iranian Terrorism

• Russia Argues Enhanced Military Presence in Europe Violates NATO-Russia Agreement; United States Criticizes Russian Military Maneuvers over the Baltic Sea as Inconsistent with Bilateral Treaty Governing Incidents at Sea

• U.S. Secretary of State Determines ISIL Is Responsible for Genocide

• United States Blocks Reappointment of WTO Appellate Body Member

• U.S. Department of Defense Releases Report of Investigation Finding That October 2015 Air Strike on Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, Was Not a War Crime

• United States Expands Air Strikes Against al-Shabaab; State Department Legal Adviser Discusses Legal Justification for Counterterrorism Operations Abroad

Issue 2 (April) - Click for Full Text

• United States Achieves Progress in Iran Relations with Nuclear Agreement Implementation, Prisoner Swap, and Hague Claims Tribunal Resolutions

• European Union and United States Conclude Agreement to Regulate Transatlantic Personal Data Transfers

• After Lengthy Delay, Congress Approves IMF Governance Reforms that Empower Emerging Market and Developing Countries

• United States Joins Consensus on Paris Climate Agreement

• United States and Eleven Other Nations Conclude Trans-Pacific Partnership

Issue 1 (January) - Click for Full Text

• United States and France Sign Agreement to Compensate Holocaust Victims

• United States Conducts Naval Operation Within Twelve Nautical Miles of Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, Prompting Protests from China

• United States Pursues Bilateral and Multilateral Initiatives in and Around the Arctic

Am. J. Int'l L. Vol. 109 (2015)

Issue 4 (October) - Click for Full Text

• Agreement on Iran Nuclear Program Goes into Effect

• United States and China Reach Agreement Regarding Economic Espionage and International Cybersecurity Norms

• United States Ratifies the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism

• United States Reaches Agreement with Turkey on Use of Incirlik Air Base for Strikes on ISIL; “Safe Zone” Not Part of the Deal

Issue 3 (July) - Click for Full Text

• United States Adjusts Aid to Egypt in Light of Legal and Political Developments

• P51 and Iran Reach Agreement on Iranian Nuclear Program; Obama Administration Seeks Congressional Approval

• United States Authorizes New Sanctions Program Aimed at Foreign Perpetrators of Cyberattacks and Cyberexploits

• Normalization of Cuba-U.S. Relations Continues

• U.S. Navy Continues Freedom of Navigation and Overflight Missions in the South China Sea Despite China’s “Island-Building” Campaign

• U.S. Department of Justice Charges Leaders of FIFA, Affiliate Soccer Organizations, and Sports Marketing Companies in 47-Count Indictment

Issue 2 (April) - Click for Full Text

• Iran Nuclear Framework Agreement Reached; Congress Seeks to Influence Negotiation

• United States Lifts Some Cuba Restrictions and Explores the Possibility of Normalizing Relations

• United States Responds to Alleged North Korean Cyber Attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment

• Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Releases Executive Summary of Its Study of CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program

• President Obama Seeks Statutory Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against ISIL

Issue 1 (January) - Click for Full Text

• United States Objects to Russia’s Continued Violations of Ukraine’s Territorial Sovereignty, Including by Convoys Purporting to Provide Humanitarian Aid

• United States and Afghanistan Sign Bilateral Security Agreement

• United States Announces “Changes and Confirmations” in Its Interpretation of the UNConvention Against Torture

• United States and China Make Joint Announcement to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Bolstering Multilateral Climate Change Negotiations

• United States Deepens Its Engagement with ISIL Conflict

• NATO Affirms that Cyber Attacks May Trigger Collective Defense Obligations

Am. J. Int'l L. Vol. 108 (2014)

Issue 4 (October) - Click for Full Text

• United States Condemns Russia’s Use of Force in Ukraine and Attempted Annexation of Crimea

• In Wake of Espionage Revelations, United States Declines to Reach Comprehensive Intelligence Agreement with Germany

• United States Defends United Nations’ Immunity in Haitian Cholera Case

• French Bank Pleads Guilty to Criminal Violations of U.S. Sanctions Laws

• D.C. Circuit Strikes down Administrative Order Requiring Divestment by Foreign-Owned Corporation

• United States Adopts New Land Mine Policy

• United States Claims That Russia Has Violated the INF Treaty

Issue 3 (July) - Click for Full Text

United States Negotiates Prisoner Exchange to Secure Release of U.S. Soldier Held in Afghanistan

• United States Refuses to Grant Visa to Iranian UN Envoy

• Multilateral Naval Code of Conduct Aims to Prevent Unintended Conflict in Contested Areas of East and South China Seas

• Senate Approves Treaties to Regulate Fishing

• United States Indicts Chinese Military Officials for Economic Espionage

• U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Terminate Long-Running Efforts to Force Argentina to Pay Defaulted Sovereign Debt

• United States Condemns Uganda’s Antigay Law as Violating Human Rights

• President Barack Obama Certifies That U.S. Peacekeepers in Mali Are Immune from ICC Jurisdiction

• United States’ Legal Justification for Drone Strike on Anwar al-Awlaki Released

• Asserting Self-Defense, United States Seizes Suspect in Benghazi Mission Attack

• U.S. Supreme Court Interprets Child Abduction Treaty

Issue 2 (April) - Click for Full Text

• Another Mexican National Executed in Texas in Defiance of Avena Decision

• Manhattan Arrest of Indian Consular Official Sparks Public Dispute Between the United States and India

• United States Questions Claims Based on China’s “Nine-Dash Line” in the South China Sea

• United States Takes Steps to Combat Illegal Trade in Wildlife

• U.S. Compromises Facilitate Agreement on World Trade Organization’s Bali Package; Question Remains Whether Bali Package Requires Congressional Approval

• Destruction of Syrian Chemical Arms Delayed

• Iran Nuclear Agreement Is Implemented Notwithstanding Expressions of Distrust by Iran and the U.S. Congress

Issue 1 (January) - Click for Full Text

• Progress Is Made Implementing U.S.-Russia Framework for Eliminating Syrian Chemical Weapons

• United States Advocates for Syrian Peace Conference

• United States Extends Deadline for Signing of Bilateral Security Agreement with Afghanistan

• China Announces New Air Defense Identification Zone over East China Sea, Prompting U.S. Response

• United States and Six Other States Reach Interim Agreement on Iranian Nuclear Program