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Choosing a Topic for Seminar Papers and Journal Notes: Idea Generator

News Sources

General and specific legal news sources that may highlight current, article-worthy issues.

United States Legal News

Foreign and International Legal News

Blogs and Social Media

Blogs and other social media can inspire interesting and novel paper topics. Just remember to independently verify facts and currency and be aware of misleading, biased information.

United States Law Blogs

Foreign and International Law Blogs

Social Media

These links are examples of potential uses of the social media sites. Different search terms on Twitter will reveal a variety of tweets and links. Search more broadly on Reddit for additional subreddits (topical message board communities) and posts.

Circuit Splits

Identify an area of law or issue where courts have ruled differently and analyze an aspect of the issue or rulings.

In Lexis or Westlaw, search for caselaw referring to a circuit split by including a search string like "court or circuit /s split." 

The resources below actively gather and summarize circuit splits as they occur.

Journal Indexes & Databases

Ideas for a note topic can come from almost anywhere. The following links are for some of the major legal specific indexes and databases.

For a more general approach, browse the databases found within the U-M Library Catalog.