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University of Michigan Law School Faculty Bibliography: Proffitt, Roy F. (1956-2011)





  • Statutes, Rules, and Cases on Criminal Procedure. 2nd ed. B. J. George and E. F. DeVine, co-authors. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Overbeck, 1961.

Journal Articles

  • "Raising Money: Be 'Persistent Just Short of Being Obnoxious'." Syllabus 16, no. 2 (1985): 1-3.
  • "The Ad Hoc Research and Drafting Program in the Small Law School—The Missouri Experience." J. Legal Educ. 9 (1957): 531-5.
  • "An Analysis of the Missouri Narcotic Drug Laws." Mo. L. Rev. 17, no. 3 (1952): 252-85. (Work published when author not on Michigan Law faculty.)