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University of Michigan Law School Faculty Bibliography: Bolgár, Vera (1949-1978)



Book Chapters

  • "The Magic of Freedom." In 20th Century Comparative and Conflicts Law--Legal Essays in Honor of Hessel E. Yntema, 453–62. Leiden, The Netherlands: A. W. Sythoff, 1961.

Journal Articles

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Other Publications

  • "Recent Developments in the United States in Contracts of Adhesion." United States National Report (prepared for Eighth International Conference of Comparative Law, Pescara, Italy). 1970.
  • Introduction to The Law of Negotiable Instruments (Bills of Exchange) in the Americas, by H. E. Yntema and R. Batiza, co-authors, vol. 1, x–xxii. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Law School, 1969.