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Law Library COVID-19 Response: Non-Legal and Interdisciplinary Resources

This guide contains information about remote resources for University of Michigan Law Students during the University's Covid-19 Protocols.

Special Access

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many vendors have made ebooks, e-textbooks, and a variety of other subscription-based materials available free of charge.  These resources are not ordinarily available, and encompass both law and non-law sources.  Below, you'll find a list these newly available resources as chosen by your librarians.  We have also included descriptions to help you choose among them. 

For a complete list of non-legal / interdisciplinary databases that have expanded access during the pandemic, see the University Library's page on COVID databases.

University Library Resources

As always, you have access to a massive collection of non-legal and interdisciplinary materials through the main University Library System. The guide linked below describes a variety of ebook collections all U-M students can access.


For questions about accessing Law Library resources, or any other legal research needs, please email

For the latest COVID-19 information from the Law School, please go to their dedicated webpage (below) and contact email (